NEVERTHELESS is a documentary that examines the sexual harassment crisis in the American workplace through interviews and personal stories that recount experiences and reveal truths about the intricacies of the issue as a whole, while also shining a light on tools and solutions for everyone to use inspired by this watershed moment in our country’s history. The documentary touches upon several topics surrounding harassment and assault in the workplace in order to point towards a brighter future.

“Women who have been in the workplace since Rosie the Riveter have been dealing with this entrenched male sexism.”

Topics include: the HISTORICAL side and how far the US has come since the landmark Anita Hill case in 1991 and women entering the workforce as far back as World War II. What was it like for women in the workplace at that time and how much have we advanced?

“When girls are brought up to be polite and quiet it's that much harder for them to step out of that role.”

In addition, the film will examine the SOCIAL side of the issue and how gender roles from a young age can be damaging for both boys and girls when fast forward to normative behaviors in the workplace. What if girls were taught to be assertive from a young age so that they could comfortably stand up for themselves at every age? Why are we teaching our boys to feel entitled and inherently more valuable than girls?

“These confidentiality agreements and arbitration provisions go hand in hand in silencing women. It’s just a rigged system.”

The LEGAL side of sexual harassment is where we find one of our calls to action. Victims of harassment are often silenced due to confidentiality clauses and mandatory arbitration agreements in employment contracts. So even when a woman has the bravery to come forward and share her experience, why isn’t our legal system set up to support her? What would it look like if these legal battles weren’t shrouded in secrecy so the perpetrators faced real consequences as their victims do? The film will follow the people on the frontlines of the battle on Capitol Hill fighting to change these laws and practices. We will also set up a round table discussion with Human Resource Representatives to hear stories and uncover the truth of their roles at most companies.

“When we look at sexual harassment we also have to look at toxic masculinity which serves nobody and hurts everybody.”

And finally, the MASCULINITY side of this issue is closely considered. We look at men leading the charge in this space like Dale Thomas Vaughn who speaks to men across the country about how to show up for women and be allies. What is this concept of toxic masculinity and how does it negatively affect both men and women and breed a culture of harassment? How can we include men in this conversation and show them how to be allies instead of sitting on the sidelines? #METOO captured the victim’s side of the story, but this isn’t a women’s issue as the perpetrators are largely male – this is truly a men’s issue.

The film will interweave these topics with personal stories of men and women dealing with harassment in many forms across the US as well as lawmakers and activists fighting to make a difference for future generations.